Bring LGW to Your Parish or Diocese 

Thank you for wanting to book Life-Giving Wounds and bring the Recovering Origins retreat or another event to your diocese or parish. Below the booking form you will also find some helpful information that you should read before you book a retreat – what is expected, financial cost, etc - or you could download our comprehensive retreat starter packet here.

If you have a question or just want to make an inquiry, then please contact us here. Or check out our FAQs for answers to common questions.

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FAQs about setting up the retreat

What does the Life-Giving Wounds team provide?

  • Consultation with retreat leader before the retreat (to prepare for retreat), and after the retreat (to help maintain ministry).

  • An experienced retreat team to run the retreat: retreat leader, musician, presenters, priest and small group leaders. Exact number of retreat team members depends on needs of hosting team and size of retreat.

  • One-to-two hour on-site leadership training for local leaders who want to be involved and continue this ministry; this would take place immediately before the retreat.

  • Hands-on training throughout the retreat for local leaders to be able to continue the retreat and overall ministry.

  • PDFs of all materials for the retreat binders and leadership training, to be printed and assembled by the hosting team (see below).

  • First access to all new materials created by Life-Giving Wounds.

What are the expectations for the hosting team?

We expect the host team to do the following:

Before Booking an Event

  • Secure permission for the Life-Giving Wounds team to do a Recovering Origins Retreat/Talk/Presentation from either your pastor or a local diocesan director or leader who is responsible for this area of ministry.

  • Find a few dates and a venue for the event.

  • Submit the booking form linked to above. (If you need more information or would like to just make an inquiry, please contact us.)

  • Sign a contract, including a detailed breakdown of costs, and make an initial deposit.

After Booking and Before Event

  • Consult with Life-Giving Wounds staff as necessary on any of the following tasks.

  • If necessary, set-up a registration page for the event.

  • Collect payments from retreatants and pay vendors as necessary.

  • Plan all on-site logistics, e.g., food, room booking and set-up, site walkthrough, etc.

  • Secure lodging and transportation needs for Life-Giving Wounds team members.

  • Market the event for at least 2-3 months in advance in order to ensure the necessary time for people to plan to attend. (We have marketing tips to share with you.)

  • If doing the Recovering Origins Retreat, provide priest confessors.

  • If doing the Recovering Origins Retreat, create the retreat binders. All materials will be sent via email as PDFs, and hosting team will need to print materials and assemble the binders for each retreatant and leader.

  • Identify potential team members for a local Life-Giving Wounds ministry chapter and have them attend the event. For help identifying leaders, consult with Dan.

  • If necessary, purchase event insurance.

At the Event

  • Have at least one member of the host team available to assist with logistics throughout the weekend.

  • FYI: on-site training is provided during the Recovering Origins retreat to equip local leaders to put on the retreat again in the future.

After the Event

  • Within seven days: pay the remainder of the contract and reimburse Life-Giving Wounds team members for travel costs.

  • Share event evaluations with Dan.

  • Follow-up phone call with Dan – a consultation on moving the local Life-Giving Wounds ministry forward.

  • Stay in touch so we can grow this ministry together!

How much does it cost?

The total cost of any event will depend upon the type of event and the various travel costs to your individual parish or diocese from the team members’ homes. Final costs (excluding travel) are established before the event and committed to in a contract between Life-Giving Wounds and the hosting location.

Typically, for the Life-Giving Wounds team to offer a Recovering Origins Retreat, which is our most popular offering right now, the consultation fees, training, and speaking stipends for a four-person retreat team cost around $3,000 before travel expenses. The program materials are currently free. Remember that this is a one-time investment in a permanent ministry for your diocese/parish that can bear fruit for many years to come. From this perspective, it is quite a good deal!

Is there any financial assistance? Is there anything we can do to reduce costs?

We are working right now on securing donors to provide financial assistance for dioceses and parishes who cannot afford the program. But we do not have any financial assistance to offer at this point. If finances are an issue, then please know that we are willing to work with each host and modify the number of team members that we send, lowering costs for each individual host.