Online Facebook Community

Note: The Facebook groups for adult children of divorce described below are not run by Life-Giving Wounds. But we personally know the administrator LeeAnne, who is excellent, and many who have found comfort, encouragement, and quality guidance by belonging to these communities, so we wanted to let people know about this form of support to assist their ongoing healing.

Who We Are

Adult Children of Divorce (ACOD) secret Facebook groups provide a confidential, safe place to speak freely and privately with others who experienced divorce or separation in their family of origin. Each person in the group has the opportunity to share experiences. We don’t rush each other into healing or feeling better or fixing everything. We meet everyone where they are. We honestly assess how we are currently reacting to events in our own families. Many people find the issues of the past leaking into their own marriages and other relationships.

What We Do

At some point we begin to assess how to have healthy relationships with our families of origin, making adjustments where the family dynamics are not functioning well. Usually with 6 months to a year in the group, we have gone through all the seasons of life, holidays, birthdays, family events, etc., and start to see patterns. Typically, someone in the group shares a story, and contrary to what happens in normal life where we would not jump in and hijack someone else’s story by telling our own, we actually respond by sharing what happened that was similar in our own lives.  We help each other see that similar things happened in other families. We often explore healthy boundaries for difficult situations. We look at common issues ACODs have such as abandonment, trust, honoring our parents who have hurt us, dealing with stepfamily issues, anxiety, etc.

How to Join Us

The link below will pull up an application with a few questions and an explanation of the group guidelines. This is done to make sure everyone understands the secret nature of the group and that we treat each other well and follow Catholic teaching, specifically regarding marriage, sexuality, family, and life issues. You don’t have to be Catholic, though most are, but all must agree to the guidelines. This has never been a problem.

If you have any difficulties getting into the group, feel free to contact the administrator, LeeAnne Abel by Messenger, on her Facebook page, or by email: We look forward to having you in one of the groups.