Praise for Our Work

From Catholic Leaders

“The work of Dan Meola and the entire Life-Giving Wounds team is commendable and I am very grateful for their courage to address such a difficult issue in the Church. Decades of divorce have left millions of wounded children in its wake, struggling to find their own identity and sustain meaningful relationships. This wound is both profound and hidden as the pain is often invalidated or suppressed. Life-Giving Wounds is a remarkable effort to not only give a voice to the unspoken pain of adults who come from a broken family but to transform these wounds into an opportunity for deeper intimacy with God for healing and the recovery of our true origin: children loved and cherished by our heavenly Father. It was an honor to work with Dan to bring the Life-Giving Wounds retreat team and Recovering Origins retreats to the Diocese of St. Augustine. I strongly encourage family life directors and ministry leaders to consider hosting a retreat in their own parish or diocese.”


-Mike Day, Director of the Office of Family Life for the Diocese of Saint Augustine and NACFLM President


“Since publishing Primal Loss: The Now-Adult Children of Divorce Speak, I have been painfully aware of the lack of effective resources to help those who suffer from their parents' divorce and loss of their family, even decades later. However, when I became acquainted with Dan Meola and learned of his traveling retreat team Life-Giving Wounds, which offers the outstanding Recovering Origins retreat for adult children of divorce, I was elated! Why? Because finally I had a resource I could recommend to countless wounded souls, one that would not reinforce the false cultural mantra, echoed by too many therapists, that "the children are resilient" and that "love changes with divorce, but all is well when the parents are happy." I cannot thank Dan enough for providing truth and solutions (in that order) for moving through understanding, forgiveness, and redemption. Dan's approach is the future of healing for the adult children of divorce, a healing grounded in right order and God's grace, and I encourage you to accept no substitutes.” 


-Leila Miller, editor of Primal Loss: The Now-Adult Children of Divorce Speak


“The children of divorce often grow up strong and resourceful, pillars of love and support for their suffering parents. Eventually though, the woundedness deep within can and does rear its head in young adulthood and at continuing pivotal stages in life. The Recovering Origins retreat, led by the Life-Giving Wounds retreat team, provides a chance to not only see (perhaps for the first time) the effects of our parents’ divorce on our own life story, but also to encounter the truth that we are not alone in our suffering. Other children of divorce are also wounded yet seeking true healing, from the source of all goodness and truth - Jesus Christ himself. If you as an adult child of divorce are longing to leave behind anxiety, perfectionism and fear, make time to attend this retreat. God’s has something to show you there.” 


- Beth Sri, creator of


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