Praise for the Retreat

From Participants in the Recovering Origins retreat (initials only or anonymous, given the sensitive nature of the retreats)

“This retreat meant so much to me. It has really been life changing.” – JK

“The retreat was life changing for me, like I didn’t even think possible. Pretty amazing!” – KO

“This retreat was such a beautiful experience! The retreat team is so humble and caring. Obviously parts of the retreat were painful but everything pointed to understanding that pain and healing with God’s grace. There really are not words that describe it perfectly, it was amazing.” – HS

“While the retreat was very difficult because of the topic and the memories, it was also very healing to see the community – to see that there are other people out there who have been similarly wounded, and it’s not just me. It was incredibly beautiful.” – EH

“It was such a time of healing for me. It really helped me to get to know others going through the same thing.” – TF

“It was eye opening and heartbreaking, but I felt it was a great step in my own healing.” – BS

“The retreat sparked a journey of healing for me.” – MA

“It was a truly life changing experience and I am so grateful to be able to continue to incorporate what I learned and encountered with my relationship with God and my healing.” – I

“Excellent retreat. Very supportive and healing. The fact this retreat was offered was itself the most healing part. The testimonies of the retreat leaders were very moving, encouraging and supportive. This offered an environment of safety, support and inspiration as we all journey together.” – MCC

Profoundly beautiful – a gift from the Lord! This was a wonderful retreat with an experienced and prayerful retreat team that combined years of practical experience with genuine hearts for the Lord. The sincerity of the team and their desire to form true community and to know the participants was touching and allowed for the kind of vulnerability that was needed for the weekend.” – JV

“I would definitely recommend the retreat to others. I have a good understanding of the effects of my parents’ divorce and am able to better deal with some of the issues that come up from it.” – MM

“After the retreat, I feel closer to God and can better understand the wounds that I have. I will totally recommend the retreat to others and had a wonderful experience.” – Anonymous

“This retreat helped me to uncover hidden wounds, name them, and begin/continue the healing process. Absolutely recommend this retreat as we can see we’re not alone in our sufferings.” – Anonymous

“I came to the retreat thinking I might get one or two things from it but I’m leaving with a whole new perspective on how to live my life and with a bigger heart for my family.” – Anonymous

“I think everyone in this situation should go on this retreat. We cannot find healing on our own and we need guidance. I have not found any other source to help this well!” – Anonymous

I am so glad I came because for the first time I was able to talk about something that has been bothering me for years without hearing from others ‘Oh, I’d just let that roll off my shoulders.’ Being with others who have experienced the same wound and the same aftermath made me feel like I wasn’t crazy anymore.” – Anonymous