What to Expect on the Retreat


The Recovering Origins retreat is an intentional, focused time to pray with the Lord and to become more aware of His presence in our lives, including in our wounds. With Him, we discern how to better live out the abundant graces God desires for each one of us and thereby begin to heal. We are aware that participants come on this retreat at very different places in their spiritual and healing journeys, so we try to accommodate that as much as possible in a friendly, sympathetic, and compassionate atmosphere.

We believe – and we have seen – that the Recovering Origins retreat has something to offer everyone who experienced their parents’ separation or divorce. Presentations during the retreat will speak to very different situations – such as if your parents divorced when you were a child or more recently – and on a broad range of topics of interest to everyone. Some of the topics include how the wound of your parents’ divorce or separation has affected your personal identity, relationship with God, intimate relationships, how you approach anger, conflict, anxiety, forgiveness, etc.

Recovering Origins is a Catholic retreat and includes sacraments (Eucharist and Confession) and Catholic spiritual practices (such as the Divine Mercy Chaplet). At the same time, we try to make everyone feel welcome, regardless of their religious background. The key commonality of all retreatants is the pain of parental divorce or separation. For non-Catholics, we provide an option of personal prayer time if individuals do not want to participate in a certain activity.

In addition to presentations and prayerful moments, one of the unique features of the Recovering Origins retreat is that it offers opportunities for small group discussion with peers from similar backgrounds. Often these discussions are very healing. Many retreatants identify this time as their favorite part of the retreat. However, we know that not everyone is comfortable sharing in a small-group setting, and that people process information differently. Thus, participating in a small group on the retreat is optional, and retreatants can opt instead for personal prayer or journaling time. What is most important to us is not that you share your story with us or with any retreatant, but that you have time to be honest and reflect prayerfully with the Lord on your life.

Finally, it is important to realize that healing is a process involving many years – if not an entire lifetime. The Recovering Origins retreat hopes to be a significant turning point in your ongoing healing journey with Christ. It hopes to spur you on a life-giving path with Christ because it is this path – this relationship, walked with the Good Shepherd – that continuously heals and brings faith, hope, love and joy, even in the deepest suffering.

For more details, here is a sample retreat schedule.